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New Poll Reveals More and More Americans Now Believe Biden Not Fit to be President

According to a recent survey, more Americans are reportedly now becoming concerned about President Joe Biden’s readiness to serve as commander in chief as he runs for re-election.

According to the most recent nationwide survey done by NBC News, 68% of registered voters indicated they have moderate to serious worries about Biden “not having the necessary mental and physical health” to be president.

That represents an increase of 17 points over the poll results in October 2020.

According to the latest poll, 32% of voters stated they have little to no serious concerns, down from 48% in October 2020, just a month before the November presidential election of that year.

Biden would be 86 by the end of a second term, making him the oldest president at 80.

Concerns regarding his capacity to lead successfully have been raised in light of his propensity to go off topic when speaking and instances where he has stumbled or fallen down and been recorded on video.

Voters were given the same question regarding former president Donald Trump, who is 77 years old, is vying for the presidency once more, and who often tops GOP primary polls for 2024.

On the issue of Trump’s mental and physical fitness to serve as president, 55% of registered voters said they were “moderately to seriously concerned” (up from 51% in October 2020), while 44% said they had “minor or no real concerns” (down from 59%).

Voters were also asked how concerned they were about Biden or Trump winning re-election and being in government for another four years in this latest survey.

Sixty percent said they had moderate to significant reservations about Biden, compared to five eight percent who said the same about Trump.

Forty percent said they had minimal to no issues about Biden, while forty two percent said the same about Trump.

In a fictitious general election rematch, Biden was in the lead with 49% of the vote against Trump’s 45%.

In a general election matchup between Biden and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the poll found a 47%–47% tie.

A poll was conducted between 1,000 registered voters from June 16 to June 20 by Republican pollster Bill McInturff of Public Opinion Strategies and Democratic pollster Jeff Horwitt of Hart Research Associates, primarily over the phone.

According to the pollsters, the margin of error for registered voters is plus or minus 3.10 percentage points, and for Republican primary voters, it is plus or minus 4.38 percentage points.

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