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REPORT: Kamala Harris Reaches the Lowest Favorability Percentage in the History of NBC News Polling

With a net-negative rating of -17, vice president Kamala Harris now officially has had the lowest vice-presidential favorability rating in a NBC News poll ever.

A 1,000-person NBC survey conducted in June 2023 found that 32% of participants had a favorable opinion of Harris and 49% had an unfavorable opinion of her, including 39% who had a “very negative view.”

According to the NBC survey, 43% of respondents are satisfied with Biden’s job performance, while 53% are not, giving him a net approval rating of minus 10%.

The Biden administration has worked to increase Harris’ popularity with voters by featuring her prominently on the reelection campaign website and having her concentrate on topics that are important to the party’s base, such as infrastructure and abortion.

74 percent of respondents in the poll also stated that they believed the country was currently on the ‘wrong track.’

In addition 39 percent of those surveyed said they had a ‘very negative’ view of President Biden, while a stunning 49 percent said they had a ‘very negative’ view of former President Trump.

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