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Speaker Mike Johnson Set to File Brief in Support of Steve Bannon

In support of former Trump adviser Steve Bannon’s appeal of his conviction for defying a subpoena from the Jan. 6 select committee, House leaders, led by Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), will reportedly submit a legal brief.

In 2022, the former Trump adviser was found guilty of two charges of contempt of Congress after refusing to appear before the panel for an interview and deliver over documents.

He is appealing to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Bannon, who was supposed to report to prison for a four-month sentence on July 1, filed an emergency appeal with the Supreme Court last week to remain out of jail while he appealed his conviction.

The Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group — a House group made up of the Speaker and the leaders and whips of the majority and minority parties in the House that directs the chamber’s legal positions — voted along party lines to proceed with an amicus brief to the appeals court in the Bannon case, GOP leaders confirmed Wednesday morning.

The move will serve as a legal test to assess whether Congress can effectively discredit or nullify previous acts taken by opposing party leadership.

Johnson revealed his plans to write an amicus brief in interviews with Fox News and CNN Tuesday evening, alleging that the Jan. 6 select committee, which studied the deadly riot for months in 2021, produced “tainted” work.

Republicans have long argued that the Jan. 6 select committee’s subpoenas were improperly formed. So far, those arguments have not been effective in court.

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