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Trustee of Bankruptcy Court Moves to Liqidate Alex Jones’ Infowars

The trustee overseeing Alex Jones’ bankruptcy proceedings announced Monday that he intends to shut down his Infowars media site and liquidate Jones’ commercial assets in order to reimburse the relatives of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims.

Court-appointed trustee Christopher Murray stated in a “emergency” motion that he will “conduct an orderly wind-down” of Infowars and sell its assets.

The announcement comes weeks after a federal judge in Texas ordered the liquidation of Jones’ personal assets. The judge did not decide the fate of Infowars at the moment.

The conservative radio presenter frequently claimed that the 2012 shooting that killed 20 first-graders and six instructors in Newtown, Conn., was a hoax, culminating in a nearly $1.5 billion judgment against him and forcing him to declare bankruptcy.

Families of the victims also attempted to take over Jones’ social media accounts.

Jones has continued to broadcast on Infowars despite the bankruptcy proceedings, but he expects the platform to close down in the coming months.

He has promised to continue his show on another platform or as an employee under future new management, while the specifics of the plan remain unknown.

Murray also requested Judge Christopher Lopez to halt efforts by Texas victims’ relatives to collect monies from Jones during the selling process, claiming they would interfere with the process.

The proceeds from asset sales would be distributed to the families.

Jones lost two lawsuits over the Sandy Hook shooting: a $50 million judgment from a Texas family and a $1.4 billion judgment from 20 Connecticut families.

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