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New Poll Shows Trump Leading in 7 Key States

New polls from Emerson College Polling and The Hill show that former President Trump is ahead of Vice President Biden in seven key swing states.

In Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Trump has small, single-digit leads, but the differences are within the error range of each poll.

Getting ahead in these important states is good news for Trump, even though they support predictions that the race will be very close and come down to just a few key states.

In North Carolina, Trump is ahead by about 5 points, with about 47% of the vote to Biden’s 42%. In Arizona, the Republican is ahead by 4 points, with 48% to 48%.

In Georgia, Trump is ahead by 3 percentage points, 47% to 44%. In Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, he is ahead by 2 percentage points, 47% to 45%.

In Michigan, too, the Republican is ahead by one point, with 46% to 44%.

When people who aren’t sure which candidate to vote for are asked to pick one, Trump gets a little more support in some places. When leaners are taken into account, Trump is ahead by about 4 points in Michigan, Arizona, and North Carolina.

He is also ahead by 3 points in Wisconsin and Georgia.

It is also true that when third-party candidates are added to the ticket, more people vote for them than for Biden in five states: Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

When third-party candidates in Arizona and Michigan are taken into account, support is split evenly between Biden and Trump.

The Emerson College Polling/The Hill polls in each state have 1,000 registered voters, and their confidence interval is 3 percent, which is the same as the poll’s margin of error. The polls were open from April 25 to April 29.

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