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Maria Bartiromo Confronts Jim Jordan About Dead End Congressional Investigations

During an interview on Fox News, Maria Bartiromo questioned Jim Jordan, the House Judiciary Committee Chair from Ohio, over the limited progress made by House Republicans in their investigations against President Biden and other prominent political leaders.

Bartiromo and Jordan were addressing the Judiciary Committee’s recent report, which claims that the New York County District Attorney’s Office (DANY) is engaged in a “political prosecution” with regards to their investigation into hush money payments involving former President Trump.

“Well, look, I mean, at this point, American citizens are asking, ‘What can you do about it?’ I mean, look, with all due respect, people are sick and tired of congressional investigations that go nowhere. People are sick and tired of letters being written and sent to the people who we know are bad in the first place,” Bartiromo asked during the interview.

Jordan expressed his dissatisfaction with the former president’s legal disputes in Washington, D.C., concerning his case of interfering in the federal election, and in Georgia, where he is alleged to have been involved in a plot to alter the state’s 2020 election outcomes.

“They want you to do something about it. You’re an elected official. What can you do to right these wrongs?” Bartiromo asked.

“Well, we have passed legislation out of the committee that would help remedy this situation, particularly the one in New York, but the president or vice president can move a case to federal — to federal court from when you do these state prosecutors who are going after someone for a political reason,” Jordan said in response.

“So, we’re — we’re a legislative branch. We can’t put anyone in jail. And I don’t think the Biden administration, their [Department of Justice] is going to go after the people who — need to go after. You’re just not going to get that from [U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland],” Jordan continued.

House Republicans serving on the Judiciary and Oversight committees have encountered difficulties in recent weeks as they attempt to conclude their impeachment investigation on Biden.

Additionally, they are also facing increasing skepticism from members of their own party regarding the extent to which investigators have uncovered any illicit activities.

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