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Trump Claims New York Court Room Being Kept Frigid on Purpose

Prior to entering the court on Friday, ex-President Donald Trump put out a fresh theory, suggesting that “they” intentionally maintained a chilly temperature in the chamber where his trial is taking place.

“So we have another day of court in a freezing courthouse — it’s very cold in there, on purpose, I believe. They don’t seem to be able to get the temperature up. It shouldn’t be that complicated, but we have a freezing courthouse and that’s fine. That’s just fine. Let ’em keep handing it out. There’s a rigged trial. Thank you very much.” Trump said.

Ironically liberal journalist Olivia Nuzzi verified Trump’s claim during a recent podcast appearance.

“It is really cold in there [the courtroom] in his [Trump’s] defense. He keeps complaining about it, he complained about it on Tuesday again when he was speaking to the press outside the courtroom.” she said.

“It is very cold, but it’s a very old building and when, last week, I believe, when his lawyers complained and they asked if they could just raise the temperature by one degree, it was explained to them that no, this is an old building, if you raise it by one degree, it’ll like raise by 20 degrees and then we’ll all be sweating and you don’t want that. And the first day that it was reported that he had fallen asleep, it happened to be, I believe, pretty hot in that courtroom. I wasn’t there that day. So, if I were him, I’d want it to be cold so I could stay kind of alert.” she concluded.

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