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RFK Jr. Hauls in 7 Million in Fundraising During 4th Quarter of 2023

In the fourth quarter of 2023, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. raised over $7 million, according to a filing with the Federation Election Commission (FEC).

The filing indicates the funds were added to the campaign’s bank balance of approximately $6.1 million at the beginning of the quarter.

During that time, however, the unlikely candidate spent roughly $7.8 million, reducing his cash on hand to $5.4 million.

The eminent environmental attorney and skeptic of vaccines initially challenged President Biden in the Democratic primary before announcing her intention to run as an independent in October.

Kennedy’s campaign, which he initially initiated as a Democrat, has encountered censure from former party members due to the dissemination of conspiracy theories pertaining to vaccinations and certain periods of U.S. history.

It has also been criticized for the composition of its donor base, as a considerable number of individuals who previously backed the Republican Party contributed to Kennedy.

Critics contend that these donors are attempting to undermine Biden in the general election by utilizing his candidacy.

A super PAC supporting Kennedy’s candidacy disclosed in an August FEC filing that significant GOP donor Timothy Mellon had contributed half of its funds through 2023.

The candidate’s consideration of a possible Libertarian candidacy has caused Democrats to be concerned about Biden’s reelection chances, according to the report.

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