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Supreme Court Refuses to Take up Case on Transgender Bathrooms

Tuesday, the Indiana Supreme Court upheld a lower court decision permitting transgender students to utilize school locker rooms and facilities in accordance with their gender identity.

In a concise stipulation, the justices declined a petition from a school district in central Indiana to preside over the case.

The substance of the dispute revolves around ‘A.C.’, a transgender adolescent who was prohibited from using the males restrooms at his former middle school.

The case, which received no dissenting opinions, remains unresolved, creating an impasse among the federal appeals courts regarding whether school districts are prohibited from implementing policies that restrict transgender students from using bathrooms that correspond with their gender identification.

Nationwide, transgender students have initiated legal proceedings against the policies of their school districts, alleging that they infringe upon the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment and Title IX, the federal civil rights legislation that proscribes sex-based discrimination.

However, the Supreme Court has demonstrated a hesitancy to intervene in matters concerning transgender controversies.

The court declined to intervene in a transgender restroom dispute in 2021.

The justices declined to intervene last year in an effort to enforce the ban on transgender athletes in West Virginia.

Furthermore, in June, the high court declined to vacate a decision in favor of a transgender individual who challenged who claimed not being able to received sex change hormones while incarcerated.

The Metropolitan School District of Martinsville, with the support of 19 Republican state attorneys general and conservative and religious advocacy groups, had hoped that its case would persuade the conservative-majority court that the moment had come to intervene.

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