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Pelosi’s House Replacement Tries to Defend Biden as ‘Loving Father’ on Eve of Hunter Trial

The chief Democratic member of the House dismissed concerns regarding President Joe Biden’s public statements regarding his son Hunter Biden’s criminal charges in cases that are being prosecuted by a special counsel appointed by the Biden administration.

In an interview with NBC on Sunday, guest moderator Peter Alexander of “Meet The Press” inquired of Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) whether there was any malfeasance on the part of the commander in chief prior to the commencement of a trial this week.

“Let me ask you about another question that we’ll be watching and will make headlines this week. Hunter Biden, the president’s son, goes on trial for gun charges beginning tomorrow. President Biden said last year, quote, “My son has done nothing wrong,’” Alexander stated.

“The Wall Street Journal, as you see here, the editorial board said at the time, quote, ‘That’s a highly inappropriate message from a president. He’s essentially telling prosecutors that they are wrong to bring an indictment because Hunter is innocent of any criminal behavior.’ Why was it appropriate for President Biden to publicly comment on his son’s case?” he then asked.

“President Biden commented as a loving father, as I would hope any loving father would do. Hunter Biden of course is entitled, as was Donald Trump, to the presumption of innocence and to a trial by a jury of his peers,” Jeffries said in response.

“And this Justice Department is going to proceed in that fashion, present the facts and the law. And then we’ll all have to wait for a determination that is made by a jury as to Hunter Biden’s guilt or innocence.” Jeffries continued.

Trump was found guilty of all 34 felony counts of falsifying business records to allegedly conceal payments in order to conceal a tryst with adult film star Stormy Daniels as part of a “catch-and-kill” conspiracy to influence the 2016 election by a jury.

The sentencing date is reportedly July 11.

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