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Woman Sentenced to Hard Time for Crime of Selling Ashely Biden’s Diary

In a recent ruling, a federal judge in New York handed down a prison sentence to a Florida woman over her involvement in a scheme involving Ashley Biden’s diary.

This woman had admitted to participating in a scheme involving the sale of President Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley’s stolen diary. The sentence, which was delivered on Tuesday, amounted to one month behind bars.

Aimee Harris, a 41-year-old mother of two children, was described by Judge Laura Taylor Swain as exhibiting behavior that was both reprehensible and highly significant.

Swain handed down a one-month prison sentence to Harris, which is set to commence in July. Additionally, Harris will be placed on three years of probation and three months of home confinement.

According to reports, Harris was instructed to return the $20,000 she had obtained from selling the diary.

In a recent development, the Department of Justice has revealed that Harris collaborated with an individual named Robert Kurlander to sell a property to an organization, later identified as Project Veritas, for a sum of $40,000.

This transaction took place after the discovery of a journal and other personal belongings belonging to Ashley Biden in a private residence in Florida, just weeks before the 2020 election.

The pair attempted to sell the materials to the campaign of former President Donald Trump, but were met with resistance and advised to hand them over to the FBI.

In December of 2022, Harris and Kurlander entered guilty pleas for their involvement in a conspiracy to commit interstate transportation of stolen property.

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