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New Poll Reveals Stunning 72 Percent of Americans Believe Biden Not Healthy Enough to Continue Being President

72 percent of Americans, according to a shocking new poll released on Sunday, believe that President Joe Biden is not “physically healthy” enough to serve as president for four more years.

According to the poll, Biden is trailing former President Donald Trump by one point in a head-to-head comparison, which is well within the margin of error of 2.1 percent.

Although Biden is two years older than Trump, the Republican front-runner is also winning when it comes to how Americans feel about their physical and mental health.

Only Trump is deemed to be in good enough mental and cognitive health to hold the presidency, according to 44% of respondents. 23% of respondents claimed that neither man is qualified to serve.

Only Biden, according to 26% of respondents, is sufficiently fit.

Given that he is the oldest president to have ever held the post, the GOP has consistently criticized Biden’s mental and cognitive health since he first entered the race.

Biden’s cognitive health has been cited as a reason for why he should not run for office by Republicans and some Democratic commentators.

Despite being the subject of four felony indictments in four different states, Trump has continued to poll higher than Biden in recent surveys.

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