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11 Dead After Bloody Weekend in Chicago

More than 40 people were reportedly hurt and 11 people were killed over the long weekend in Chicago, making it the worst Memorial Day weekend in eight years.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that 11 people were murdered and at least 45 people were injured in gunshots or stabbings.

Two of the violent episodes took place just far from the residence of Brandon Johnson, the incoming Democratic mayor.

Although not the most injured, it was the highest death toll since 2015.

Due to the anticipated rise in violence over the weekend, some police officers worked on their days off.

An unidentified woman killed in a drive-by shooting, a 33-year-old unidentified man shot in the armpit, 35-year-old William Hair shot in the chest, 22-year-old Johnathan Salgado shot in the face while standing on a sidewalk, a 26-year-old shot in the back, and a 35-year-old man shot in the head while in his car were among the homicide victims.

The occurrences occurred in various parts of the city, including the neighborhoods of Auburn Gresham, Heart of Chicago, Little Village, Austin, Lake View, West Garfield Park, and Woodlawn.

There were two different non-fatal gunshot occurrences involving 2-year-olds.

In the first, a little girl inadvertently shot herself in the hand with a gun she discovered on the street, and in the second, another child was shot in the hand while playing in a bedroom.

The terrible weekend occurs as Mayor Johnson, a far-left Democrat, is attempting to implement a safety program that includes increasing the number of peace safety officers available to defuse tense situations, additional police officers on the ground, and initiatives for Chicago’s kids.

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