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Jen Psaki Attacks Tucker Carlson, Claims he Treats Auidence ‘Like They’re Stupid’

Jen Psaki, a former press secretary for the White House who now has a show on MSNBC, reportedly took aim at Tucker Carlson on Monday night.

Psaki attempted to argue that recent court filings demonstrate Carlson does not appreciate his audience.

“I had about 20 seconds where I thought … Tucker Carlson, maybe he’s one of us. And then, by second 21, I thought, wait, he is intentionally sharing disinformation with his audiences and treating them like they are stupid, frankly, so that he can save his job, save viewers and make money.” Psaki made the comments during an appearance on the uber-liberal late night show of comedian Steven Colbert.

The former spokeswoman for Vice President Joe Biden was questioned regarding revelations made in recent court filings about top Fox hosts and executives as part of a defamation lawsuit that Dominion Voting Systems has filed against the network in the amount of $1.6 billion for making unfounded claims about the upcoming election in 2020.

According to the documents filed by Dominion, Fox personalities such as Tucker Carlson, criticized former President Trump’s for his dubious claims of widespread voter fraud.

However the hosts reportedly expressed concerned about how upsetting it would be for their audience if they fact-checked those claims on air.

Separately, Carlson has been subjected to a significant amount of backlash this month for the way he interpreted the events that took place on January 6, 2021.

Liberals were furious with Carlson for not following the official liberal narrative that the events of January 6th were an armed insurrection against the U.S. government.

After departing President Biden’s administration, Psaki was quickly hired by MSNBC to anchor an opinion and analysis show.

During her tenure at the White House, Psaki was known for often engaging in verbal altercations with reporters from conservative outlets.

This next weekend sees the premiere of “Inside With Jen Psaki” on MSNBC.

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