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Senator John Kennedy Shreds Biden Over His Latest Vow to ‘Veto’ Everything Sent to Him from the GOP Congress

Senator John Kennedy, R-La., of the Senate Judiciary Committee, reportedly chastised President Biden for his recent remarks on “MAGA Republicans.”

Kennedy made the comments during an appearance on “The Story” with Martha MacCallum on Fox News.

“I think that President Biden is the only person in the Milky Way who thinks our country is headed in the right direction. Look at the facts: Last year, our economy grew at 1%, China’s economy was shut down. It grew at 3%. [The U.S. has] 13.5% inflation cumulatively — that’s what President Biden has given us in two years.” Kennedy said during the apperance.

Kennedy went on to say that while the typical American may not be able to recall the exact empirical facts, they are well aware of the impacts of its substance.
“They understand that crime is way up. They understand that respect for our institutions is way down. The American people understand that it’s harder than ever to get ahead in our country right now, and it’s easier than ever to do nothing.” Kennedy stated.
“President Biden says my party — ‘I’ — want to gut Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid, and that’s just not true. Even George Santos would make up a whopper like that, and the president knows that. He just believes that the federal government is what made this country great.” He continued.

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