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Fox News Host Steve Doocy Slams Senator Tim Scott for Defending Trump

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) is defending former President Trump against Attorney General Merrick Garland and the FBI’s raid on his home.

Fox News host Steve Doocy is taking issue with it and slamming the Senator for a disingenuous attack, Mediaite Reports.

Doocy is calling Scott a liar after co-host Ainsley Earhardt used Scotts defense from an interview with Fox’s Bret Baier.

Scott, and Earhardt based their argument on the inconsistent application of the law.

Scott argued, that there is an “infrequent, inconsistent application of the rule of law as it relates to President Trump.”

Earhardt stated that Trump did the same as his predecessors did in taking sensitive materials from the White House.

Scott elaborated to Baier, “To me, until we see specificity within the affidavit, we will not have the kind of clarity that the American people need to come to their own conclusion… This unprecedented, alarming raid remains at a high level of urgency to bring about real solutions that today are illusive because Merrick Garland refuses to cooperate in releasing all the information necessary to understand what happened.”

Doocy fired back, “the senator knows that in a criminal investigation like this, they don’t release it until they’ve figured out whether or not somebody’s going to be charged or not… And if they’re not charged… they don’t release it so that they do not unfairly tarnish the reputation of an innocent person.”

Doocy has become a staunch defender of the FBI since the raid. Openly pushing back against some of the more incendiary remarks from Trump allies.

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