Fox News Building, Avenue of the Americas, Manhattan, Wikimedia Commons

Former Fox Host Gushes Over Democrat’s Star Witness on CNN

Chris Wallace, the current CNN anchor and much-hated former Fox News host used his new platform to gush over a star witness for Democrats, The Daily Wire reports.

Hutchinson provided bombshells about former President Trump for the January 6th Committee and Wallace joined the network’s coverage to gush about the former aide.

Wallace went on to praise Hutchinson for her comments about the moment Trump tweeted his frustration that then-Vice President Mike Pence hadn’t shown “courage” — when she said, “She says, represent – I came in to represent the administration to show all the good it had done, when I read this, I felt frustrated, it was disgusting, it was un-American, it was unpatriotic and I was watching the Capitol being defaced over a lie.”

The former “Fox News Sunday” host — after an ill-fated dalliance with CNN’s now-defunct streaming service CNN+ — has landed solidly on a weekly show that is set to air on Sunday evenings.

New revelations have come out since her testimony with the Secret Service and members of the administration rebutting her testimony.

It lead a January 6th Committee member to admit that her testimony is not able to be corroborated and is therefore hearsay.

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