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San Francisco’s Problem; Justice Breyer Retires; Trump Makes a Major Indication


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Trump Signals a 2024 Run

While President Trump was documented golfing he made a bold proclamation.

As he approaches the tee, a man video taping him says, “first on tee…45th President of the United States!”

Former President Trump stops him and says, “45th and 47th!”



Supreme Court Justice Announces Retirement

Liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has announced that he will retire.

The retirement is seen a a big win for President Joe Biden and liberals, giving Democrats the opportunity to replace the liberal justice.

Breyer, who is 83 years old is the most senior member of the liberal wing of the court.



San Francisco Turns Out to Not Be a Bastion of Love and Progressivism

San Francisco, once an oasis and model for progress, is now falling victim to a surge in hate crimes against Asians.


According to the Washington Post, hate crimes against Asians in San Francisco are on a climatic rise:


San Francisco officials pledged to better protect Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders as preliminary data from the city’s police department showed the number of people who reported being the victim of an anti-AAPI hate crime in the city last year increased by 567 percent compared with the previous year.

There were eight anti-AAPI hate crimes reported to the San Francisco police in 2019 and nine in 2020. In 2021, there were 60. These numbers are considered preliminary until the California Department of Justice makes its final determination on hate-crime statistics throughout the state, police said.

The city of San Francisco has prided itself on being a place that welcomes and accepts everyone, but it appears that doesn’t hold true.

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