South Texas Border Patrol removes tracks that could lead to aliens following for illegal access across the border..Photographer: Donna Burton [Photo Credit: U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons]

Arizona to Now Vote on Measure to Make Illegal Immigrants Guilty of State Crime

After the Republican-led state legislature passed a resolution that will place the measures on the general election ballot, voters in Arizona will have the opportunity to implement broad border security measures in November as the state confronts a flood of illegal immigration.

The “Secure the Border Act” is a collection of measures that include provisions that designate illegal immigration as a state offense.

This means that law enforcement will be permitted to apprehend illegal immigrants who enter the state.

Similar legislation has been implemented in other states, including Oklahoma and Texas.

The measure was approved by the House with a vote of 31-29 and the Senate with a vote of 16-13, with Republicans in favor and Democrats in opposition.

The ballot initiative has the potential to mobilize voters who are concerned about illegal immigration to the polls, which could potentially undermine President Joe Biden’s popularity in the swing state, where he has faced widespread criticism for his handling of the issue.

Additionally, the resolution would enhance Arizona law to prevent individuals who are illegally in the state from becoming eligible for entitlement programs or receiving public benefits.

The ballot initiative will provide Arizona voters with the opportunity to circumvent Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs, who earlier this year vetoed a bill that would have implemented comparable measures.

Biden has overseen an unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants across the frontier, with Arizona being no exception.

The 2024 presidential campaign of former President Donald Trump has prioritized border security.

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