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Texas Arrests 70 Migrants Who Stormed Border

According to reports, Texas authorities have apprehended an additional 70 individuals involved in the incident where migrants forcefully crossed the El Paso border and allegedly attacked National Guard members.

Seventy migrants have been apprehended and are facing charges of misdemeanor rioting in connection with the incident that occurred on March 21.

A disturbing incident unfolded on camera, capturing the actions of a sizable group of adult male migrants.

The footage reveals their aggressive behavior as they forcefully dismantle fences lined with razor wire.

They relentlessly push against the National Guardsmen, overpowering them and swiftly advancing towards a towering border wall.

On Wednesday, Texas authorities filed charges against nine migrants who were reportedly involved in the assault.

The individuals in question are currently facing serious charges, including inciting a riot, causing significant property damage, and assaulting members of the National Guard.

Approximately 200 migrants are currently in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), with reports suggesting that Texas is seeking to press charges against all of them.

Most of the individuals caught up in the border rushing incident were male migrants hailing from Venezuela.

Shortly before the migrants made a sudden move towards the border, it is reported that National Guardsmen took action to redirect the groups towards Mexico but where overwhelmed by the violent mob.

According to reports, a migrant made an attempt to seize a soldier’s firearm. According to reports, certain migrants were found to be in possession of knives and shanks.

Following the influx of migrants at the border, Governor Greg Abbott (R) has taken action by dispatching 200 tactical border force soldiers to El Paso.

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