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Youngkin Vetos Liberal on Marijuana and the Minimum Wage Bill

On Thursday, Virginia’s Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin vetoed two bills that had received significant support from Democrats in the state.

According to WRIC, Youngkin has recently issued a statement justifying his choice to veto a bill that would permit the retail sale of cannabis, as well as a bill that aimed to gradually increase the state’s minimum wage to $15 an hour.

The Republican governor has vetoed the marijuana bill, citing concerns about the health and safety of Virginians, particularly children.

Virginia became the inaugural Southern state to legalize marijuana in 2021, although the legislation did not encompass the option for retail sales of the substance.

Despite the fact that Virginians who are 21 and older can legally possess and cultivate small amounts of cannabis, as well as purchase it through the state’s medical program, the sale of recreational weed remains illegal due to Youngkin’s veto.

Youngkin has also rejected a bill supported by Democrats that aimed to increase the state’s minimum wage.

Currently set at $12 an hour, the bill proposed raising it to $13.50 by 2025 and $15 by 2026.

Youngkin voiced his apprehension regarding the potential impact of the minimum wage bill on small businesses in rural areas of Virginia.

He highlighted the disparity in economic conditions between these regions and the more prosperous cities in the northern part of the state.

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