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Fox News Hosts Slam Biden, Claim He Only Cares About Money

During a heated discussion, the co-hosts of Fox News passionately debated the contrasting qualities of Donald Trump and President Joe Biden.

They fervently asserted that Trump possesses a deep sense of empathy and genuine concern for people, while insinuating that Biden’s focus lies primarily on financial matters and fundraising.

During the discussion on Outnumbered, the co-hosts praised Trump for his presence at the wake of fallen NYPD officer Jonathan Diller in Long Island.

Meanwhile, they criticized Biden for organizing a fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall, where ticket prices were reported to range from $250 to $500,000.

Toni Lahren criticized Biden for not attending the wake, considering its close proximity. She proceeded to heap compliments upon Trump.

“He doesn’t have to pretend to understand the plight of those smaller folks out there, but he can still resonate with them because he cares about them from a very genuine place. And, that was proven yet again yesterday where he stands with the law enforcement community. You can see how much he truly cares. It’s not for fame, not for optics. And they wanted him there, which I think speaks more to how much the law enforcement community appreciates that man,” Lahren said.

“You can have empathy if you’re poor or if you’re rich, or if you’re a politician or not. That’s the nature of who we are as human beings. I mean, especially, we’ve got the holiday weekend coming up. It’s really about love and embracement, and the future, and what we mean to each other.” co-host Tammy Bruce said later in the conversation.

“Last night, you didn’t have to plan it when it comes optics. It was so honest on both sides,  the most honest scene you are going to see about the Republicans and the Democrats. The difference between Trump — genuine empathy —  he was asked because they knew, and then at Radio City Music Hall, of course they weren’t going to change it because that’s who they are.” she concluded.

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