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New Poll Shows Biden Losing More Against Third Parties Than Trump

According to a new survey by Fox News, supporters of President Joe Biden are more likely to switch to third-party candidates in November than those of Donald Trump.

The survey of Michigan voters revealed that Trump held a two-point lead over Biden in the state, a difference that falls within the data margin of error.

However, when the scenario was reduced from a head-to-head contest to a five-way race, Trump retained a greater number of voters.

The poll finds that Biden receives 37% of the vote, in contrast to Trump’s 42%.

Additionally, independent candidate Cornel West receives 2%, former Green Party candidate Jill Stein receives 3%, and Kennedy Jr. receives 11%. Biden receives 45% of the vote in a two-way contest, whereas Trump receives 47%.

Approximately 77% of Biden supporters remain loyal to him in the five-way race, whereas 87% of Trump supporters support the former president.

In 2016, Trump won Michigan but lost the state to Biden by an estimated 3% margin.

A new Fox poll indicates that if Nikki Haley is the nominee, third-party candidates will receive significantly more support in Michigan.

Biden leads her 35% to 26% in a five-way contest, whereas Kennedy Jr.’s support surges to 23%.

The survey was administered via phone and the Internet to over 1,100 registered Michigan voters from February 8-12. It is subject to a 3% margin of error.

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