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Haley Campaign Blasts Trump, Claims He is Weighing Down GOP Candidates Down Ballot

Nikki Haley, a Republican presidential candidate, blasted former President Trump as a “huge weight” on GOP candidates following the Democratic victory in a special election for the New York House seat that Rep. George Santos had previously represented before being expelled from Congress.

“Let’s just say the quiet part out loud. Donald Trump continues to be a huge weight against Republican candidates. Despite the enormous and obvious failings of Joe Biden, we just lost another winnable Republican House seat because voters overwhelmingly reject Donald Trump.” Haley’s spokesperson said in a statement.

“Until Republicans wake up, we will continue to lose. Time for a new generation of conservative leadership that doesn’t turn off the American people.” the statement continued.

Former House Representative Tom Suozzi (D) reclaimed his former seat, thereby regaining the Democratic control over Santos’s seat.

The seat became vacant during a special election subsequent to the disgraced former lawmaker’s removal from the House amid considerable controversy; the Democratic victory diminishes the Republican majority in the lower chamber.

Suozzi emerged victorious against Mazi Pilip, a Republican legislator from Nassau County and a former member of the Israeli military, in the 3rd Congressional District of New York, an area won by President Biden by an 8-point margin in 2020.

Following Tuesday night’s election results, Trump referred to Pilip as a “very foolish woman” and criticized her for maintaining a distance from him.

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