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New Poll Shows Bill Maher Now More Trusted Than Tucker Carlson or Jake Tapper

The American public has more faith in political satirist and Real Time with Bill Maher on Max presenter Bill Maher than in a number of other prominent media figures, according to a new survey by WPA Intelligence.

Based on the findings of a survey comprising 1,000 participants, with a margin of error of 3.1%, a greater percentage of the nation places trust in Maher than in former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, podcaster Joe Rogan, or CNN anchor Jake Tapper.

Maher, a figure acknowledged by 77% of the nation’s population, enjoys the confidence of 40% of all respondents and 52% of those who indicated familiarity with him.

Although Rogan and Carlson possessed marginally higher name IDs (80% and 81%, respectively) than Maher, they had only cultivated the confidence of a smaller fraction of their audiences and the nation as a whole.

Carlson is trusted by 43% of those who know him well and 35% of respondents, compared to 36% of respondents and 45% of those familiar with Rogan who have confidence in him.

Out of the group, Tapper is the least recognizable; only 53% of the general public claimed to be familiar with his name. Consequently, his trust rating among all respondents was the lowest at 23%; however, his rating was positioned between that of Rogan and Carlson among those who were acquainted with him at 44%.

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