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New Poll Shows Biden Approval Rating Nearing Record Low

An opinion poll released on Tuesday found that President Biden’s approval rating has remained stagnant at approximately 40 percent, which is close to all-time lows.

In the Reuters/Ipsos three-day opinion poll, the percentage of respondents who express approval of Biden’s performance as president has increased marginally from 39 percent in November to 40 percent at this time.

In the new survey, the economy, crime, and immigration were ranked by Americans as the three most significant issues confronting the nation.

Biden has encountered challenges in effectively implementing his economic agenda, as evidenced by the continued inflationary pressures on gasoline and products that Americans are required to purchase.

Republicans have been relentlessly criticizing Biden and Democrats on the subjects of crime and immigration ever since the midterm elections.

In preparation for his reelection campaign in 2020, the president has increased his fundraising travel, most recently to Massachusetts and California.

In November, he will almost certainly face former President Trump, who has maintained his position as the Republican front-runner for the entire year.

The Reuters/Ipsos survey, which collected responses from 1,017 adults, concluded on Sunday. The margin of error is approximately three percentage points.

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