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NATO Chief Reveals That Things Are Likely to Go from Bad to Worse for Ukraine

Ahead of the winter months, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg stated in a recent interview that the Western military alliance should “be prepared for bad news” regarding the Ukraine conflict.

As a consequence of Kyiv’s failed summertime counteroffensive, the front lines have not advanced significantly in recent months, and Russia has been increasing its troop strength.

Due to the conflict between Israel and Hamas, Western allies have also been reducing ammunition and financial assistance for Ukraine. The conflict between the two countries may continue to jeopardize the flow of military aid to Kyiv.

Stoltenberg did acknowledge Ukraine’s achievement of relocating the Russian fleet in the Black Sea and causing extensive harm to Russian territory with cruise missiles.

As part of a larger strategy, Stoltenberg reportedly urged allies to set aside their national interests and increase ammunition production in Europe, where the defense sector was fragmented.

In the interim, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued an order to augment the military personnel by approximately 170,000, bringing the total to 1.32 million, on Friday.

This comes as Moscow’s military campaign in Ukraine enters its 22nd month. Putin’s decree, which was issued by the Kremlin on Friday, promptly went into effect.

It increases the total number of Russian military personnel, including 1.32 million troops, to approximately 2.2 million.

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