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Biden Delays Shipment of Thousands of M-16 Rifles to Israel Because of Conservative Politician

The administration of President Joe Biden has now postponed the shipment of thousands of M-16 rifles to Israel out of its dissatisfaction at Israel’s Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gvir, for sensationalizing the distribution of the weapons to Israeli citizens.

Gvir’s behavior has attracted considerable media attention.

Ben Gvir, a right wing nationalist, has been providing arms to civilian security forces in municipalities in the wake of the October 7 terrorist attack by Hamas, in which thousands of terrorists stormed into Israel and slaughtered entire towns filled with unarmed civilians.

Reportedly, the Biden administration was indignant that Ben Gvir shared images of the weapons being disseminated to Israeli civilians on his social media accounts.

The Biden administration claims that the desire to demonstrate to the world that Israel is arming its citizens to prevent Islamic terrorist attacks is objectionable.

Evidently, the administration was also concerned that Ben Gvir might arm West Bank-dwelling Israeli citizens.

Reportedly, the United States is now demanding that the IDF or police distribute the weapons and prohibit their distribution to individuals beyond the Green Line.

Reportedly, Israel is also apprehensive that a larger shipment of 15,000 rifles that it had ordered from the United States might be delayed as well. Since October 7, roughly 7,000 rifles have been distributed to date.

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