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Trump Reportedly ‘Unlikely’ to Participate in GOP Primary Debates According to Top Advisor

Later this year, the first two Republican presidential primary debates will take place, and the former president is now reportedly “unlikely” to participate, according to a trusted advisor.

Jason Miller, Trump’s longtime advisor, made the remarks during an appearance on Newsnation.

“At the moment, President Trump has indicated that he’s unlikely to participate, at least in the first two debates. He’s up by 30, 40, and even new polling shows he’s up by almost 50% in certain places,” Miller said.

“It really wouldn’t make much sense for him to go and debate right now with a bunch of folks who are down at three, four and five percent. Even [Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis], who’s the second-place candidate in the race currently, is at least 20, 30 or 40 points behind,” he continued.

“So ultimately, President Trump will make a decision as we get closer. He has not said anything definitive, one way or the other. I’m not expecting him to participate, though,” Miller concluded.

The communications expert stated that it would not be advantageous for Trump to enter the stage with such a large lead, despite Miller’s warning that the former president has not yet made up his mind about whether he will take part in the first debates.

On August 23, Milwaukee, Wisconsin will host the first Republican presidential primary debate authorized by the Republican National Committee.

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