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DOJ Announces Charges Against Whistleblower in Hunter Biden Scandal

This Monday, federal prosecutors reportedly unveiled an indictment against an American-Israeli energy specialist who was allegedly the “missing witness” in the months-long House Republican inquiry into the economic transactions of the Biden family.

In the Southern District of New York, Gal Luft was formally charged on Monday with crimes relating to intentional non-registration under the Foreign authorities Registration Act (or “FARA”), trafficking in weapons, breaking Iranian sanctions, and making false statements to federal authorities.

Luft was detained for the accusations back in February when he was in Cyprus, but after being freed on bail, he managed to avoid extradition.

In a video statement acquired by the New York Post last week, Luft said that in March 2019, many weeks before Biden declared his candidacy for president, he had given the FBI and DOJ proof of corruption within the Biden family.

Prior to his arrest in Cyprus earlier this year on suspicion of illicit arms dealing, serving as an unregistered foreign agent, and lying to the FBI, Luft said he had not heard anything from the DOJ.

In a statement, the Department of Justice claimed that Luft, who is a co-director of a think group in Maryland, “engaged, with others, in multiple international criminal schemes.”

He may spend up to 100 years in jail if found guilty on all counts.

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