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RFK Jr. Attacked For Expressing Support for Affirmative Action in Wake of Supreme Court Ruling

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democratic presidential contender, reportedly joined lefties in defending affirmative action after the Supreme Court on Thursday overturned racial admissions standards.

“Regarding the Supreme Court banning affirmative action in higher ed — I know many Americans feel that purely race-based decisions are unfair. However, this feeling misses important context. The effects of racist policies going back centuries are now self-perpetuating,” Kennedy said in a tweet.

“‘Color-blind’ admissions tend to favor those who are already in the circle of privilege. It favors those who grew up in affluent, educated households. Wouldn’t you like to invite in those who have been left out in the cold?” he continued.

The Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment was violated by the University of North Carolina, the high court declared on Thursday, while the race-based admissions policies at Harvard violated Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.

Then Kennedy questioned “color-blind” admissions practices, saying they favor individuals from wealthy backgrounds over minorities.

Commentators and a presidential contender who have long maintained that the policies are discriminatory and hurt people they are supposed to aid have reacted angrily to Kennedy’s justification of the programs that were overturned.

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