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Missing American Sub from World War Two Located Near Japan

The remnants of an American submarine that went lost during WWII has now reportedly finally been identified, according to a news statement issued by the US Navy on Thursday.

The wreckage of the USS Albacore (SS 218) was discovered off the coast of Hokkaido, Japan, last year by a team led by Dr. Tamaki Ura of the University of Tokyo.

The Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) identified the vessel as the USS Albacore (SS 218), a submarine that was lost at sea on November 7, 1944.

The Albacore was one of 52 submarines sunk during WWII and was responsible for the sinking of at least ten enemy ships.

The Navy claimed that Dr. Ura’s team employed a remotely controlled vehicle to acquire data and pictures on the submarine, which was impeded by high currents and low visibility.

Using this picture, the NHHC’s underwater archaeology division was able to identify the submarine, specifically by scrutinizing alterations made to the craft before to its final patrol.

The Albacore left Pearl Harbor on October 24, 1944, and refueled four days later at Midway, an island in the North Pacific between the United States and Japan. When the submarine failed to return to Midway on December 12, it was assumed lost.

According to Navy documents, the Albacore struck a mine while underwater on November 7, 1944.

The wreck site is classified as a war grave and is therefore protected under US law.

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