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Jen Psaki’s Planned MSNBC Show to Debut in March

Jen Psaki’s new MSNBC show will now reportedly premiere next month, the network said on Tuesday.

“Inside with Jen Psaki” will premiere on March 19 at noon and will feature one-on-one interviews with newsmakers as well as political commentary from the former White House press secretary.

“I’m very conscious of the fact that people know who I am because I was standing behind a podium speaking on behalf of Joe Biden. I am not going to gratuitously attack him, nor am I going to gratuitously applaud him. … If he deserves applause, I will applaud him. If he deserves critique, I will critique him.” Psaki said during a recent interview with The New York Times.

Psaki joined MSNBC last year and has worked as a commentator and analyst throughout the network’s coverage of major news events such as the State of the Union and election night.

Psaki’s career in politics began shortly after her graduation from College.

Her first job was as a press secretary for the re-election campaign of Iowa’s Democratic Senator Tom Harkin. After Harkin’s successful re-election, Psaki continued to work as his press secretary for two more years.

In 2004, Psaki joined the campaign of the Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry as the traveling press secretary. She was responsible for organizing press events and coordinating media coverage during the grueling months of the campaign.

Jen Psaki’s career took a major turn in 2008 when she joined the Obama campaign as the deputy press secretary, In 2011, Psaki was promoted to the position of the White House deputy press secretary.

In 2013, Psaki was appointed as the spokesperson for the U.S. Department of State.

Psaki returned to the White House in 2015 as the communications director for the Obama administration. In this role, she was responsible for crafting the administration’s messaging and overseeing the daily operations of the White House press office.

In 2021, Psaki was appointed as the White House press secretary by President Joe Biden, becoming the public face of the new administration.

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