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Former Republican Rep Claims Trump No Longer In Control After Chaos in House

Former Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-Fla.) reportedly stated former President Trump is “no longer in control” of Republicans in the wake of Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) bid for Speaker of the House.

McCarthy received Trump’s backing last week, but it took numerous rounds of voting following Trump’s endorsement for the California Republican to take the gavel.

“The first time Trump spoke out and kind of pushed these members, people ignored him. Some of them even vocally said ‘we don’t really care.’” Curbelo said during an appearance on ‘Meet the Press.’

“When I was in the House, those first two years of the Trump presidency, all of these members would say, ‘Wait, hold on, let’s see what the president is going to do, let’s see what the president is going to say.’ I think that’s over.” he continued.

Curbelo, who was defeated in his reelection campaign in the 2018 midterm elections, claimed the former president wielded considerable power over Republican legislators during his tenure in Congress.

After regaining the Speakership early Saturday, McCarthy praised Trump for his support and dismissed the notion that the former president’s influence in the GOP was dwindling.

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