[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

New Poll Shows DeSantis Beating Trump In Hypothetical 2024 GOP Primary Matchup

A stunning new poll has now flipped conventional political wisdom on its head and shown that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may be able to win the 2024 presidential primary much more easily than many people think.

The poll conducted by the Texas GOP and CWS Research, in a hypothetical field of six likely candidates for the 2024 GOP nomination Ron DeSantis leads all others, including former President Trump by a significant margin.

When the survey posed the same question without Trump as an option the results were even more resounding in DeSantis’s favor.

The same survey conducted before the midterms had shown Trump with a significant advantage over all other candidates, an advantage that has since completely disappeared.

DeSantis triumphed over his Democrat opponent, Charlie Crist, by almost 20 percentage points during a midterm election which saw many other Trump endorsed candidates lose outright or heavily struggle against their Democratic opponents.

If other surveys continue to show similar results, the chance of DeSantis choosing to seek the GOP nomination in 2024 is almost certain to increase significantly.

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