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Biden Announces Plans to ‘Change Nothing’ About His Plans After Midterm Results

On Wednesday, after the majority of the results from Election Day had been calculated, President Biden vowed that he would do nothing differently, despite intense and consistent voter dissatisfaction with the country’s course.

A reporter then asked Biden, “What in the next two years do you intend to do differently to change people’s opinion of the direction of the country, particularly as you contemplate a run for President in 2024?”

“Nothing, because they’re just finding out what we’re doing,” Biden shot back.

“I’m not going to change — as a matter of fact, you know there’s some things I want to change and add to.  For example, we had — passed the most bipartisan, we passed the most extensive gun legislation, anti- — you know, rational gun policy in 30 years.  And — but we didn’t ban assault weapons.  I’m going to ban assault weapons … So, I’m not going to change the direction.” He continued later on.


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