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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Slams Progressives and Their Policies

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough slammed Democrats and their policies recently.

The former GOP congressman targeted progressives specifically and their pro-crime policies.

Scarborough pointed out how the rise in crime as a result on the soft on crime policies is killing the party’s chances, specifically in Philadelphia and New York, Mediaite reports.

The report of Scarborough from Mediaite continues to show what he said:

We hear it everywhere. We hear it from Philadelphia to New York to San Francisco. in an Oklahoma debate yesterday, or a couple of days ago, the Democratic candidate said crime was higher per capita there than in New York, and was laughed off the stage.

It ended up being the case there’s a massive crime wave, and, you know, yes it does fall on both parties. But when you have woke DAs in Philadelphia basically saying they don’t have a crime problem, when you have cops quilting left and right in Philadelphia because they don’t feel like, you know, they’re not going to risk their lives so they can arrest people who are going to be out on the street the next day, and then you have progressives telling people in Philadelphia, telling these people, ‘Oh, you’re wrong, don’t believe your lying eyes’ … there’s something wrong with you for being afraid to go to work. there’s something wrong with you for being afraid to go home as they were talking about right there.

It is just really — progressives on crime in places like Philadelphia and New York are so extraordinarily clueless.

Democrats are staring down a tough midterm election in November and they will learn if the voters like these policies or not.

Republicans look poised to win back the House of Representatives and are in tough battles to regain control of the Senate, including in Pennsylvania.

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