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Republican Rockstar Who Flipped Democrat House Seat in Texas Issues Warning to Democrats

Mayra Flores (R-Tx.) is now the Republican Rep-elect in a district that voted Democrat for over 100 years, and according to Fox News, she has a message for Democrats.

“The Democrat Party has been in control here in South Texas for over 100 years and feel entitled to our vote. They feel they don’t have to do anything to earn our vote. And we sent a strong message to Washington, and we sent a strong message to Democrat Party that you have to get to work. If not, you’re going to get voted out.”

Flores is the first Mexican-born congresswoman in the history of the United States.

The shift among hispanics is prevalent in the district and evidenced by Flores’ win.

Obama won the district by 22 points 10 years ago with Joe Biden only edging Trump by 4.2 points in 2020.

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