President Joe Biden greets California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) as he arrives at Mather Airport on Air Force One Monday, September 13, 2021, in Mather, California, for a briefing on wildfires at the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz) [Photo Credit: White House Public Domain]

New Poll Shows Democrats Tanking With Hispanics

A new poll from Quinnipiac University shows Biden and Democrats tanking among Hispanics, The Daily Wire reports.

The Left-of-center poll asked respondents, “If the election were today, would you want to see the Republican Party or the Democratic Party win control of the United States House of Representatives?”

Republicans lead Democrats among respondents 41 to 38. This is wild considering the 2018 midterms where 69% of latinos backed the Democrats and only 29% backed  Republicans.

The report continued:

“The formation of the Latino Media Network, a new network set to be made up of 18 Hispanic radio stations across 10 different markets, was announced last week, and was partially financed by Lakestar Finance, an investment group affiliated with Soros Fund Management,” Fox News reported. “Jess Morales Rocketto, a former Hillary for America and AFL-CIO employee, and Stephanie Valencia, a former White House staffer during the Obama administration, are heading the venture, and say their purchase across the multitude of media markets will give them ‘access to one-third of the Hispanic population’ within the U.S.”

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis slammed Soros in a Spanish ad buy in Miami media markets for trying to “manipulate” the midterm elections.

“Warning, voters! The Left is taking control of our local media. Billionaire George Soros, known for financing extreme leftist causes, is now financing the purchase of Hispanic radio stations right here in Miami,” the ad states. “They are coming with their ideological agenda. Soros and his minions know what this community represents in the fight against socialism in America. This community will not get confused. Under Governor Ron DeSantis’ leadership Florida is standing against the corporate media and leftist disinformation.”

This news follows new polling showing support for President Biden dipped below 40% as he reached the most embarrassing point of his presidency.

It could be a result of the administration trying to convince Americans that the economy is the best ever as they struggle to pay for $5 a gallon gas.

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