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CNN Pollster Predicts Best Election Climate for Republicans in 80 Years

CNN pollster and senior data reporter Harry Enten broke some bad news to the CNN audience recently when he spoke with Jake Tapper on Monday.

The Daily Wire reports that Enten told Tapper the Republicans are poised for historic gains in November.

“If you’re a Republican running for re-election, or trying to unseat a Democrat, things are looking pretty good, right?” Tapper asked.

“I would say they’re looking very good from the historical context. Basically, I took the best Republican positions on the generic congressional ballot at this point in midterm cycles since 1938, that generic ballot basically is, ‘Would you vote for the generic Republican or generic Democrat in your district?’” Enten explained.

“And guess what? Since 1938, the Republican two-point lead on the generic congressional ballot is the best position for Republicans at this point in any midterm cycle in over 80 years,” he continued. “It beats 2010, when Republicans were up a point.”

“Sometimes history isn’t always prologue, but my estimate for the 2023 House makeup if the election were held today — which again, it isn’t … would be Republicans, 236 seats to 241 seats. Democrats, 194 to 199,” Enten said, predicting a swing from Democrats +12 to Republicans +37-47.

Damaging still, Joe Biden’s approval rating on the economy is -26, the lowest in over 40 years. The economy is usually the number one issue for voters, who use midterms to penalize the President. In this context, it looks bad.

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