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Tucker Warns Former Fox News Reporter

Fox News Star responded to recent comments from former Fox News reporter Carl Cameron calling on misinformers to be jailed.

The Daily Caller reports Tucker responded by warning Carl Cameron that “this is going to get really ugly.

Carlson stated:

“The administration is beginning to make a move on that, says the journalist. Maybe wind up in jail or maybe something worse… Well, what’s something worse? We’re not sure what something worse is. But it certainly feels like we’re moving toward it at very high speech at this point. That’s the end point to talk like that, something worse. Because rhetoric has its own internal logic, you’ve experienced it, you can talk yourself into things. We’ve all done that.”

“Democrats are doing it right now. What they’re talking themselves into right now is ‘something worse… It’s scary. It is time to pull back. It is time to de-escalate, otherwise this is going to get really ugly really soon.”

Liberals have tried to blame Carlson for the shooting in Buffalo even though in the shooter’s 106-page manifesto he condemned Republicans and Fox News.

Rolling Stone Magazine author Talia Lavin called the shooter a “mainstream Republican,” and NBC’s Ben Collins accused Carlson of trying to preach to extremists like the shooter.

Misinformation is only bad if it is not done by liberals it appears.

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