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Republican National Committee Sues Congressional Committee


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The Republican National Committee has filed a lawsuit against the House select committee investigating the Capitol riots.

The lawsuit specifically aims to stop an RNC vendor, Salesforce, from turning over records. Salesforce houses donor and fundraising information due to its role in helping the RNC communicate with its donors.

Nancy Pelosi is named as a defendant along with the committee and argues that the subpoena violates the RNC’s constitutional rights and that the committee lacks the authority to request the records because it was improperly formed.

The RNC claimed in its suit, “The Salesforce Subpoena demands production of sensitive and proprietary data over more than a two-month period, which would give the Select Committee unprecedented access to the RNC’s internal political strategies and to private, personal information regarding its supporters.”

The committee responsed through Tim Mulvey a spokesman for the committee, “The Select Committee issued a subpoena to an email fundraising vendor in order to help investigators understand the impact of false, inflammatory messages in the weeks before January 6th, the flow of funds, and whether contributions were actually directed to the purpose indicated. This action has absolutely nothing to do with getting the private information of voters or donors.”

The court has ruled that the committee has a legislative purpose in a previous lawsuit brought by Donald Trump, but questions are raised as donor data is involved.

The committee is made up of 7 Democrats and two Republicans.

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