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Alyssa Farah Griffin Says She Feels ‘Duped’ By Team Biden in Wake of Debate Debacle

Alyssa Farah Griffin, host of “The View,” claims that she believes President Biden was misled by the White House over his suitability for the position after witnessing his unsteady debate against former President Trump.

“I feel duped,” Griffin said.

“I feel like I’ve been told this guy’s doing gymnastics,” she continued.

In response to a Wall Street Journal article that surfaced earlier this month raising concerns about the president’s suitability for office, White House representatives and the president’s supporters reacted with caution.

“This is historically bad, and I think we need to be awake to the stakes of it, because the time is really critical,” Griffin said in the wake of the debate.

“I was genuinely in shock last night watching this. Even though I had concerns for a couple of years about Biden’s age, it was stunningly worse than I expected,” she concluded.

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