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Flash CNN Poll Shows Viewers Overwhelmingly Think Trump Won Debate

According to a new CNN poll of Americans who watched the debate late Thursday indicated that 67 percent thought former President Trump won, while 33 percent thought President Biden won.

The poll revealed more negative news for Biden: It found that 57 percent of debate viewers had no confidence in Biden’s capacity to lead the country, while 44 percent had no faith in Trump’s ability to lead the country.

The poll’s margin of error was 5.5 percentage points.

CNN’s political director, David Chalian, highlighted that while the survey may not be reflective of the registered voter population, it does have a similar partisan mix.

Biden’s debate performance aroused concern among his own party members, as his voice was hoarse and he struggled with his phrases.

Following his debate performance, Democratic operatives and analysts reported that negotiations were taking place regarding Biden stepping down before the election.

Biden had a cold throughout the debate, according to a White House spokesperson.

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