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Jesse Watters Claims Biden Will Refuse to Leave White House Once He Loses to Trump

On Monday, Jesse Watters, the host of Fox News, proposed that President Joe Biden may decline to vacate the White House in the event that he is defeated by former President Donald Trump in the November election.

“Joe Biden says he’s running to save democracy. If Trump wins, America’s over. An orange revolution will usher in a racist dictatorship and the Constitution will be replaced with The Art of the Deal. Which raises the question: If Trump does win, why would Biden concede?” Watters said during a recent episode of his show.

Monica Crowley, a former official in the Trump administration, responded to Watters’ inquiry regarding the likelihood of Biden “going gracefully” if he were to lose to Trump in November.

“It’s an outstanding question, isn’t it? And there are a lot of people who suspect that he might find some pretext not to leave the presidency, or, I should be more accurate, Jesse, and say the people pulling his strings would like to stay in power.” She said in response.

“If someone’s going to destroy the country and you lose, why would you say, ‘Okay, my transition team will be in touch and these are the passwords to the Eisenhower Executive Building,’ right? You wouldn’t. You wouldn’t do that.” Watters concluded.

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