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Former ESPN Star Sage Steele Slams ‘Black National Anthem’

Sage Steele, a former ESPN presenter and podcaster, criticized the use of the “black national anthem” — “Lift Every Voice and Sing” — at major sporting events, claiming that it is being “forced down people’s throats” and is divisive in America.

“Let’s call it that. Hashtag blanthem. Maybe if it were that I would not think it were so ridiculous and divisive. … With the hashtag we’re good. Cool.” Steele said.

“To me, and again I’m sensitive, because I’ve been told — Dude, we’re one big melting pot. This is good. Why are we now choosing to separate again when we’ve been in a tough time here the past several years, to say, “This is only our anthem, but y’all better stand up. Get you’re a** up.” …I think we’re all Americans and it’s our anthem; and all the immigrants from across the world that have come here stand up for our anthem. They’re all Americans.” she continued.

“First of all, the fact that you didn’t even know. What’s that? The black national anthem. Because it’s new and they’re shoving it down people’s throats. What are we doing?” she added.

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