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REPORT: Biden Admin Considering Push for New Wave of Vaccinations

The Biden Administration is now reportedly “examining the possibility” of vaccinating farm workers and other individuals in response to the impact of an avian flu virus (H5N1) that was first identified in late 2020 but infected a Texas dairy worker in April and a Michigan dairy worker in May.

However, Reuters reported that U.S. officials acknowledged that they were transporting bulk vaccine from CSL Seqirus that matched H5N1, which could produce 4.8 million doses of vaccine.

“Human exposures to the virus in poultry and dairy operations could increase the risk that the virus will mutate and gain the ability to spread easily in people. The U.S. is in talks with mRNA vaccine makers Pfizer and about potential pandemic vaccines.” Reuters stated.

Additionally, European health officials stated that they were in the process of procuring CSL’s prepandemic vaccine.

Dawn O’Connell of the U.S. Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response has stated that the Biden administration is “examining the possibility” of vaccinating farm laborers and other individuals who are affected by the virus.

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