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New Poll Shows Half Of Voters in Swing States Worried About Violence During 2024 Election

According to a recent survey, approximately half of voters in swing states are apprehensive about the possibility of violence during the presidential election in November.

According to a Bloomberg/Morning Consult survey that was released on Wednesday, 49% of respondents have either “not much” trust or no trust in the absence of violence during the 2024 presidential election.

According to the remaining 51%, they have “a lot” of faith or at least “some” faith that there will be no violence during or after the election.

The low margins by which states such as Michigan and Wisconsin were won in 2016 and 2020 have drawn the attention of swing states this election cycle.

These states are likely to determine the direction of the election.

Bloomberg’s data indicated that Trump maintained a modest advantage in the majority of the battleground states.

He maintains the largest margins in Arizona, where he leads 49% to 45% and North Carolina, where he leads 49% to 42%. Additionally, he maintains a narrower lead in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Georgia.

Nevada is a dead heat at 47% to 47%, while President Joe Biden leads in Michigan by a mere one point. On average, Trump is 4% clear of Biden in the swing states.

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