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Tennessee Approves Bill That Will Allow Civil Actions Against Adults Encouraging Kids to get Sex Changes

On Thursday, the Tennessee Statehouse granted passage of a bill that would permit legal action to be taken against people who assist juveniles in obtaining transgender operations without the consent of their parents.

Consequently, adults who engage in the act of aiding children in leaving the state with the intention of acquiring cross-sex hormones or undergoing transgender surgeries are legally responsible for their actions and can be subjected to legal action.

The initial iteration of the bill incorporated criminal sanctions for adults who contravened it, but it was subsequently modified to solely permit civil fines for offenders.

The bill closely resembles the one that was approved on Wednesday, which grants the ability to pursue legal action against people who aid minors in having an abortion without parental approval.

The bill passed the state Senate by a vote of 26-3.

The Tennessee lawmakers have granted their approval to the bill that imposes penalties on adults who assist kids in accessing transgender operations.

This paves the path for the bill to be sent to Republican Governor Bill Lee, who is anticipated to sign it into law.

Lee enacted legislation last year that prohibited the performance of sex-change treatments on individuals who are under the age of majority.

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