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New Poll Shows Biden Now Gaining on Trump

In a recent Quinnipiac survey issued on Wednesday, President Biden is closing the gap with former President Trump, resulting in a tie in the race. This development is giving a boost to those in President Biden’s camp.

In the Wednesday update of the combined polling data maintained by The Hill and Decision Desk HQ, Biden’s position in the race has changed significantly.

He is now tied with Trump, even when including the presence of independent contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Biden’s allies are increasingly confident and energized, especially as Trump’s legal troubles continue to increase.

The president referenced a recent Marist survey, published on Monday, which indicated that he is currently ahead of Trump by a margin of 3 percentage points in the national context.

Moreover, when focusing especially on individuals who expressed a firm intention to vote in November, the president’s lead expands to 6 points.

Although Biden is still behind Trump in the polls in some crucial swing states, he has narrowed the margin or taken the lead in a few national polls published this month.

An April 13 poll conducted by the New York Times and Siena College revealed that Biden was behind Trump by 1 percentage point in national rankings.

This represents a significant improvement compared to a February poll, which indicated that Trump was leading by 5 percentage points.

The Biden campaign consistently disregarded earlier polls that indicated Trump’s substantial lead over the incumbent president.

They argued that a considerable portion of voters had not yet fully recognized Trump as the Republican Party’s nominee, and believed that Biden’s numbers would stabilize as more Americans started paying attention to the election.

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